Readers, I’m safely ensconced at the Waldorf Astoria, whence I will be posting through Wednesday as I attend VINO 2011, a huge show of Italian wines with many different seminars, workshops and tastings. The Italian Trade Commission asked me and a dozen other bloggers about vinous subjects to use our blogs and social media skills to broadcast our impressions of the event and what we do and see and taste and learn. This should be fun, and right now I’m looking forward to meeting some of these mysterious bloggers whose names and words I know but upon whose faces I have never gazed. And I’m looking forward to tasting gallons of great wines, one sip at a time, of course, and always most judiciously. BTW, it’s cold as Pluto’s big toe here in New York and I’ve heard rumors that a Big Storm is on its way. If you have to be stuck someplace, the Waldorf Astoria ain’t a bad place to be. The official website of VINO 2011 is here.