Dear Readers … I learned yesterday that this blog — affectionately pronounced “Btyh” by its many fans — won the “Best Wine Reviews” category in the 2010 Wine Blog Awards now operated by Open Wine Consortium. The awards were announced Friday afternoon at the annual Wine Bloggers Conference, held this year in Walla Walla — motto: “The Town So Nice, They Named It Twice” — and I’m sorry that I wasn’t able to attend. Thanks for your public votes, thanks for the sagacious decision by the judging committee (which looked at many excellent blogs in the competition), and above all, a thousand thanks and bless yer bones for reading Bigger Than Your Head and endorsing what I have tried to do since launching the blog in December 2006: To provide information, education, commentary and level-headed criticism about the history and geography of wine, the wine industry and individual bottles great and small. This is the second year in a row that Bigger Than Your Head has won this award, a fact that not only gladdens my heart but spurs me to taste more wine, write about more wine and just have a fine old time doing so. I hope you do too.