When I read the name “Neprica,” I thought that it sort of looked Italian but didn’t exactly sound Italian. I mean, it could be the name of a medicine: “Ask your doctor about Neprica,” followed by a long list of dangers and side effects. (“May cause permanent sleeplessness … “) BUT, “Neprica” actually stands for NEgroamaro, PRImitivo and CAbernet sauvignon, the blend of grapes that makes up the Tormaresca Neprica 2008, from the Antinori estates in Pulgia.

Neprica 08, seeing no oak, is a bright, fresh appealing red wine that’s robust in structure and slightly rustic in effect. Black currant, black raspberry and plum flavors are infused with a grind of fresh black pepper and, after a few moments in the glass, hints of dried violets and cloves, with a touch of fruit cake and granite-like minerality for depth. Tannins turn barky and brambly but remain soft and pliable, enlivened by clean acidity. Lots of personality for the price and easy to drink. We consumed this with pizza, but it would be good with burgers, full-flavored pastas and grilled red meat. Very Good. About $12.

Naturally, I can’t help conjuring other names that could be derived from the three grapes that go into this wine. How about Gropronon or Arovonet? Marvovig? Negmiber? Please stop me.

Imported by Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, Woodinville, Washington.