I mean thanks to you readers and thanks to the judging panel of the American Wine Blog Awards for selecting bestwinereviewsawba-web.jpg BiggerThanYourHead as the winner in the “Best Wine Reviews” category.

The satisfaction of winning is immense, of course, but I feel the sense of honor more keenly knowing that I was competing with some of the best blogs and best writers in the wine blogging realm. What we share is a love of wine, an obsession for educating and an irresistible attraction to the power of language.

This award means that readers find what I do and how I think about and write about wine valuable, thereby entailing the responsibility for me to continue performing up to the standard I have set and that you, my readers, expect. I will, I promise, keep at it, daily, weekly, and so on. I mean, I have a back-list of wines to write about now that I need to jump into, for all our sakes!

Tremendous thanks must be offered to Tom Wark at Fermentation: The Daily Wine Blog, who conceived of the American Wine Blog Awards three years ago, created the necessity for them, nurtured the concept and shepherded it to completion. Next year, he turns administration of the AWBA over to OpenWine Consortium, which was one of this year’s sponsors. The others were Riedel Crystal and Mutineer Magazine. The gratitude of all the nominees, finalists and winners goes to these organizations.

So, back to work.