Let’s celebrate Boxing Day with a glass of the Mirabelle Brut, from California’s North Coast appellation, a region that encompasses, basically, all the winemaking counties north of San Francisco. Mirabelle is the “everyday” sparkling wine from Schramberg Vineyards, mirabelle.JPG whose products define excellent methode champenoise wines in California. Mirabelle Brut is a multi-vintage blend of 69 percent chardonnay and 31 percent pinot noir from these counties: Napa, 53 percent, Mendocino, 22 percent, Sonoma, 23 percent, and Marin, 2 percent.

So much for the technical details. The gist is that the Mirabelle Brut is a refreshingly clean and brisk sparkling wine that offers enticing scents of bread dough, quince and roasted pear with a touch of toasted almonds. It’s surprisingly substantial in the mouth, engagingly crisp and effervescent, with citrus flavors deepened by hints of caramelized pear and apple permeated by wheatmeal and cloves. The color is light gold; the bubbles are fleeting golden flecks. The finish brings in a touch of limestone austerity. Very Good+ and a bargain at about $22.