I’ll confess that my favorite style of rosé wine is the classic French pale, spare, dry versions of Provençal or the Loire Valley. nivi_grshro.jpg Occasionally, however, there will come a glowing, fruit-drenched rosé that is so engaging, so forthright in exuberant prettiness that it wins me over.

Such a one is Angove’s Nine Vines Rosé 2007, South Australia. Composed of 70 percent grenache grapes and 30 percent shiraz, as the Aussies call syrah, the wine is a blushful cherry-pink color, perfect for a ’59 Chevy Impala. The bouquet exhales cherry-berry fruit with hints of red raspberry, melon and rhubarb. That lively fruit-basket effect continues in the mouth, but is harmonized by vibrant acid, a scintillating mineral quality and a lovely, silken texture. A great quaff with chips and bean dip or Italian cured meats and roasted peppers or just sitting out on the porch with a bowl of Goldfish crackers. Very good+ and Good Value, about $11.

Imported by Trinchero Family Estates in California.

Visit angoves.com.au.