So, it’s New Year’s Eve. Time for a few resolutions:

1. I resolve, as I hope I have on this blog (officially launched three weeks ago!), to be snarky, nitpicking, argumentative and critical in every sense in the service of good food and wine and our experiences of eating and drinking and to battle cluelessness in the many guises in which it occurs.

2. I also resolve to proclaim as loudly and as eloquently and as exhaustively as possible my love for great food and wine whenever and wherever they may appear.

3. And I resolve to drink as much great wine and eat as much great food as I can in 2007. And to walk a lot. And work-out. Do a few crunches. Practice the piano every day. Come to grips with the categorical imperative. saprum_wehlenerauslese_smal.jpg

And, with all those elements in mind, allow me to direct your attention to this page on my website, where yesterday I posted the “50 Best Wines of 2006 and 25 Unbeatable Bargains.” Something for every taste and pocketbook. Please enjoy. But safely, O.K.?

Here’s the link: