Fredric Koeppel was born, of course, and went to school in several places, as most people do, and after teaching English in various universities and colleges for 17 years became a journalist and wrote a weekly national print column about wine for 20 years before leaping onto the Internet. KoeppelonWine was launched in December 2004 (and has since been dismantled, so don’t go there) and the blog BiggerThanYourHead two years later and still going strong.

Fredric KoeppelObviously the guy likes to eat and drink, but with pleasure balanced by skepticism; that’s what graduate school teaches you and years of grading freshmen research papers. He cares about language and literature, movies, music in almost all forms (not country or Hawaiian, sorry), architecture and the visual arts, about which he wrote for The Commercial Appeal newspaper in Memphis for 22.5 years until being laid-off in March 2009. He lives in Memphis with his wife, six dogs and a cat and various puppies that they foster for rescue groups.