Nothing highly extracted or forceful here, the Troon Vineyard Grenache 2016, Rogue Valley, Oregon, is lithe, limpid and lyrical. Fermented by native yeast, grapes trod by foot and aged only in French oak barrels of three or more years use, the wine offers a lovely, transparent medium cherry hue and pert aromas of spiced cherry compote, with notes of cherry skin and pit, and raspberry, with a touch of the rasp of raspberry leaf; a few minutes in the glass unfurl foresty and woodsy elements of flowers and herbs and a beguiling hint of candied orange peel. Whiplash acidity keeps the wine lively and appealing, while moderate and supple tannins are more in the briers and brambles range than minerally, though a line of flint opens in the finish. A delicious grenache for those who want their wines to reflect the grape’s purity and intensity. 14.8 percent alcohol. Winemaker was Steve Hall. Production was either 143 or 173 cases, depending on what medium one is looking at. Excellent. About $25.

A sample for review.