The Saar Valley is one of the least-known of Germany’s wine-producing regions, though the name used to be integral in the overall suhwar13bottleappellation Mosel-Saar-Ruwer. (After 2007 called just Mosel to be consumer-friendly.) To make its acquaintance, I would suggest the St. Urbans-Hof Nik Weis Wiltinger Alte Reben Riesling 2015, classified as Kabinett Feinherb, meaning that it’s a bit drier than most Kabinett rieslings. “Wiltinger” is the village associated with the vineyard; “alte reben” indicates old vines, in this case dating back to the early 1900s, at least in some portions of the 22-acre parcel, which lies on iron-rich Devonian slate. Dry the wine might be, but, gosh, it’s a real sweetheart. The color is a pale straw-gold hue; beguiling aromas of jasmine and honeysuckle, peach and lime peel are wreathed with notes of heather and lemongrass, green apple and mint, this panoply segueing seamlessly to the palate, where elements of roasted lemon and spiced pear are bolstered by a burgeoning tide of limestone and flint that attains a state of pure minerality. All these qualities culminate in a blithe yet savory finish characterized by grapefruit rind and bracing smoky salinity. 10.5 percent alcohol. Drink now through 2020 or ’22 with grilled trout, fish and seafood stews and risottos or as a delightful aperitif while cooking. Nik Weis is owner and winemaker of St. Urban-Hof. Excellent. About $18, marking Great Value.

An R. Shack Selection, HB Wine Merhants, New York. A sample for review.