Here’s a white wine that breathes the evocative briny atmosphere of the Adriatic. The Villa gemmaGemma Bianco 2015, Colline Teatine IGT, a blend of 80 percent trebbiano grapes with 15 percent cococcolia and 5 percent chardonnay, hails from the hills around the city of Chiete, one of the most ancient sites in Abruzzo, as well as of all Italy. Founded by the Greeks some 2,500 to 3,000 years ago — legend says by none other than Achilles who named the place after his mother Thetis — the town survived the numerous trials and tribulations and shifts of population and allegiances any urban area its age would, though it was designated an open city during World War II, so it wasn’t bombed. Resting on a crest above the Pescara River, a few kilometers from the sea, Chiete is the capital of the province that bears its name.

The wine, a pale gold-yellow hue, offers delicate notes of sea-grass and salt-marsh, of jasmine and camellia, in a seamless menage with roasted lemon, tangerine and pear, almond skin and apple peel. These elements segue smoothly onto the palate, maintaining apt balance among its savory-saline quality, a slight tinge of bitterness and tasty stone-fruit flavors, all animated by brisk acidity. The finish is lively, a bit herbal and etched with limestone-seashell minerality. 13 percent alcohol. The Villa Gemma Bianco 2015 makes a lovely aperitif as well as accompaniment to roasted fish, shrimp risotto and mild cheeses. Excellent. About $18, representing Good Value.

Imported by Masciarelli Wine Co., Weymouth, Mass. A sample for review.