My Readers — I’m pleased, O.K., thrilled, to announce that BiggerThanYourHead won Best Reviews on a Wine Blog from the annual Wine Blog Awards for the third time, adding 2013 to the awards of 2009 and 2010. I’ll admit that I was becoming cynical about my efforts, my talents and writing abilities, just because, I suppose, there are so many blogs out there that review wine and assay commentary on the wine industry, that the whole endeavor, bloggers as well as audience, is getting younger, and because I thought my voice was too well known to merit much interest. So I’m doubly thrilled that people voted for this blog and for the concept of what I do here, and that is to write about individual wines and groups of wines in a way that peels back the wine to get at its essence, its heart, and to place that wine (or those wines) as much as possible in a historical, geographical, personal and technical context. Heartened by this award, I will continue to produce the same kinds of reviews and stories that I have written since this blog was launched in December 2006 and since my first print column was published in July 1984. Yep, I’m a veteran, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love wine and all the ideas and nuances that surround each great bottle. Here’s to you, My Readers, for your confidence in me, your patience and your appreciation. Cheers, and remember always to drink sensibly and in moderation.