Here’s a winsome sparkling wine to indulge in come late afternoon or while you’re prepping for dinner or hanging around the kitchen. Casalnova Prosecco del Veneto, made from prosecco grapes grown near the town of Conegliano, north of Venice, sports a pale straw color, myriad smallish bubbles and aromas of warm metal, citrus, lemon curd and delicate almond blossom. The wine is quite crisp and lively, a bit sweet at first– it’s designated “Extra Dry,” which in the parlance of sparkling wine means “a little sweet” — but it’s dry and a mite stony from mid-palate back; the texture is slightly creamy, and subtle flavors of peach and roasted lemon are touched with hints of cloves and cinnamon. There’s a shade of lemon drop in the finish. This is a buoyant, balletic prosecco that offers a sense of substance beyond what most versions deliver. Very Good+. About $18.

Imported by Quintessential Family of Wines, Napa, Cal.

A sample for review.