Last night was one of those times when we’re saying that there’s nothing to eat in the house but we don’t really want to go out to eat and we’re tired and all that, and finally LL brought some sense to the situation and said, “Wait a minutes, let’s see what we actually have in the fridge.” And so — ta-dah! — here’s the frittata we made last night with diced potatoes, onions, mushrooms, bacon and basil, right out of the oven. Boy it was good, and it made a great simple dinner with a green salad.

For wine, I twisted the screw-cap off a bottle of the Shoo Fly Buzz Cut 2008, from Australia’s cool Adelaide region. This is an unusual and enticing blend of 37 percent riesling, 32 percent viognier, 21 percent verdelho and five percent each chardonnay and sauvignon blanc. Made completely in stainless steel, Buzz Cut 2008 is as crisp and snappy as a brand-new dollar bill and as clean and refreshing as a gulp of a cool forest stream. Aromas of lemon and lemon drop are woven with hints of dried herbs, a touch of grass and something in a strain of mountain-flower sweetness and astringency. The texture balances moderate lushness with lively acidity; flavors range over lemon and roasted lemon with elements of melon and lime, with a sort of Mediterranean cast of dried flowers and meadows, all of this culminating in a persistent quality of chalky limestone. Yum is the word, and another is delightful. Very Good+ and a Bargain at about $14.

Imported by Old Bridge Cellars, Napa Cal.

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