Usually we celebrate summer’s unofficial but consensual beginning with a steak or burgers cooked on the grill, but last night LL came home with four fillets of tilapia and a package of tortillas. “Blackened tilapia tacos,” she announced, firing up the good ol’ cast-iron skillet and turning on the fan in the hood over the stove. Wow, they were great! And packed a spicy, heated punch, too! When I asked her what she used to coat the tilapia, she said, “Everything!” but then listed cumin, chili powder, ground chipotles, smoked paprika, Mexican oregano and adobo seasoning. Lord have mercy! As you can see in the accompanying image, we had little bowls of guacamole, red salsa and a black bean, corn and red pepper mixture to spoon onto the tacos. No wine with this dish; we drank beer instead.

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