Easy Dinner!
On the plate: a couple of pork sausages from the certified organic, free-range Westwind Farms in East Tennessee (we keep these in the freezer for just such nights) and potato salad and green beans from Whole Foods. A few sliced cherry tomatoes. Some whole-grain mustard. It was Wednesday, that day when the week already feels 18 days long, and LL said, “No cooking, no recipes, no magic tonight.” It was simply a matter of frying the sausages and spooning up the potato salad and green beans. Yay, that was easy! And delicious, too. We especially liked the potato salad, which had dried cranberries in it.

Now I could have opened some big California petite sirah or an Australian shiraz, but the best of those wines are getting costlier by the day, so I thought, No, let’s stay in the spirit of a simple meal, and I opened a bottle of the Petraio Nero d’Avola 2007, from petraio.jpg Sicily. If you’ve ever had a wine made from the nero d’avola grape, you know that subtlety and finesse should not be high on your list of expectations. True to form, this deep purple-black wine was hearty, boisterous and rustic, yet filled with delicious flavor. The bouquet alone is almost worth the price, offering delirious scents of lilacs and violets, dried spice and potpourri, macerated black and red currents and a profound element of dusty minerals. In the mouth, well, in the mouth the wine flaunts its chewy, gritty tannins and its earthy, minerally nature with the aplomb of a wrestler flinging a chair at his opponent’s head, yet that dense character does not mask ravishing flavors of spicy black currants, blackberries and plums edged with tar and leather. Whoa! Lots of personality, for drinking through 2011 or ’12. Very Good+. The price? About $9.50, a Freakin’ Bargain, if you live in the right state. Otherwise, mark this wicked wine Worth a Search.
Scoperta Importing Co., Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

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