The Wine of the Week continues to be white, but let’s add a red for a versatile pair of products. girard.jpg

We made scallops ceviche last night, marinating (in the refrigerator) the sliced raw scallops in a bath of orange and lime juices and minced chives, fennel fronds and Italian parsley. After it chilled for 20 minutes, the ceviche went on top of a simple lettuce and tomato salad, accented with its own sprightly lemon vinaigrette, alongside ciabatta bread to nibble. This made a terrific light Sunday supper.

I pulled the cork on a chilled bottle of the Girard Winery Sauvignon Blanc 2007, Napa Valley. a very pale straw-colored wine that scintillates with incredible freshness and clarity; it feels as if you’re drinking a bracing sea-breeze filtered through grapefruit, lime peel and limestone. The wine is mildly grassy and herbal; the emphasis really is on the immediacy of the fruit and the zinging chiarlo.jpg acidity, an impact sustained by the winemaking method: all stainless steel, no malolactic. Touches of roasted lemon and lemon balm emerge, highlighted by anise and jasmine, all of this set into a texture of surpassing silkiness. An Excellent example of the grape and the style. About $17.

It was a pick-up pasta dish after a busy day: chopped roasted chicken, basil, I think some kale or chard, tomatoes, you know, that kind of “see-what’s-in-the fridge-cuz-we-ain’t-going-to-the-store” thing. I opened a bottle of Michele Chiarlo Barbara d’Asti Le Orme 2005 from Piedmont. The wine earns its “Superiore” designation through its generosity and vigor, its ripe, fleshy and spicy black currant and plum fruit infused with smoke and leather, potpourri, lavender and licorice, the sinews of acid and tannin that keep it taut and muscular (and a little austere on the finish). Great with grilled meats and roasts. Very Good+. About $15.