Staying with the white theme, today’s Wine of the Week is this phenomenal bargain, the Louis Latour vir-cless.jpg Viré-Clessé 2006, from Burgundy’s Maconnais region; the grape is chardonnay. Made completely in stainless steel, this little wine is distinctively minerally and notably spicy. It features enticing freshness and clarity, with scents of apple and lemon and a hint of fresh-baked bread. It takes on more earthiness in the mouth, and while the wine is dry and crisp, even a touch austere, the lovely texture is smooth, lustrous, almost lush. This is what minor Burgundy — and who can afford anything from Burgundy except the minor? — is all about, though I don’t mean to denigrate the qualities here by using the word “minor.” This is deep and pure and authentic. Excellent. The wine lists for $18, but I find it on the Internet from $14 to $20. This one is for buying by the case and drinking through 2009 or ’10.