I was going to make this year’s wine-drinking mantra “All Classified Growths @ Others’ Expense,” but then Dr. Debs at goodwineunder20, in a response to a recent post of mine on this blog, utter words of such wisdom that I have to pass them along, rather then leave them buried in the comments file:

“I would love to have a drinking plan that included only wines that were enough — not more, not new, not improved, not pumped up. Just exactly right.”

All right, so top Bordeaux and Burgundy weren’t really going to be my game-plan for 2008 — how about ’09? — but the Good Doctor’s simple eloquence should have benign influence on all of us wine writers and consumers. By “just exactly right,” I venture to say that Doc means wines that reflect the grapes from which they are made; wines that reflect, as much as possible, the place where they are made; and wines that embody honesty, integrity and authenticity rather than ego, ambition and manipulation. Now, truly, what more could we ask for? Well, yes, fair prices.

You’re great, Doc. I’m covering your back.