So last week one of those little notices about updates for Norton Anti-Virus pops up on my office computer screen (at home) and of course I click on the box that says, “Well, hell, yeah!” The program goes through its process, downloading all these fine improvement to my computer’s security, reboots and there it is: No Internet. WTF, I’m sort of baffled, I try this and that, no Internet. I try a couple of other things — these are fairly primitive solutions, you understand — and still no Internet. Obviously, or it seems obvious to me, in downloading these Norton updates a setting has been disabled. Do I know how to fix this? Is Hannah Montana likely to be elected president? Actually, Hannah Montana is more likely to be elected president than, say, Courtney Love. Or maybe Hillary Clinton.

Anyway, as monumentally annoying as this problem was (and still is), I knew I could turn to my four-month old laptop computer and turn out copy and post it to the Internet (despite some other insanely irritating Internet problems we’ve been having since January when Comcast took over), because we have WiFi at our house, so I wrote a “Refrigerator Door” page of inexpensive wines for my website and posted it a few minutes ago. There are wines from California, Australia, Spain, Argentina and Portugal. You’ll find them at

You will notice, however, that there’s no label art on the page, even though I’m a fanatic about using lots of art on the website and on this blog, because I can’t stand those websites and blogs that consist of miles and miles of gray print with nothing to relieve the monotony. Anyway, the reason why there’s no art on this new page on KoeppelOnWine (or on this post) is because, even though a few days ago I paid for and downloaded to my laptop the CoffeeCup PixConverter (a simple image-sizing device that I use on my office computer all the time), it didn’t show up. It ain’t there. Nada. So there’s another computer problem with which I have to deal very soon.