Want to know what my favorite white wines are for drinking this summer?

Ha! You think I’m going to tell you here? gavi_01.jpg

No way. You have to go to this “Featured Article” on KoeppelOnWine that I posted a few minutes ago.

Here are some quotations to tempt you:

“The best pinot gris made in California? Pretty damned close.” mar_de_frades_albarino_bottle.JPG

“Absolutely delightful.”

“One of the best white wines I have tasted so far in 2007.”

“A classic sauvignon blanc from a great year.”

“The best wine I have tasted made from the albarino grape.”

“One of the great wines of northeastern Italy.”

Sounds great, right? So, click on the link and take a look. And just to be a really good guy, I’ve included images of two of the 12 wines.